Label Alliance Française

What is the Alliance Française label ?

This first news article introduces you to the Alliance Française label, which guarantees the quality of your French language learning. Here is why!

An Alliance Française is a non-profit association under local law whose objective is to promote the French language and French and Francophone cultures in its territory. Legally and financially independent, it is placed under the supervision of the Fondation des Alliances françaises in Paris, which coordinates and certifies the worldwide grouping of more than 800 Alliances Françaises.

The Alliance Française Brussels-Europe (AFBE) is a non-profit association (asbl) under Belgian law, which has been accredited since 1945. It is managed by personalities from Belgian civil society to carry out its daily missions of spreading the French language and promoting French-speaking cultures.

Learning French with us in Brussels means benefiting from the internationally recognised Alliance Française label, guaranteeing you a quality learning experience of the French language!

Rediscover the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe and its French courses.

Rediscover the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe and its French courses.

  • The Alliance Française label, a pedagogical expertise

Learning French at the Alliance Française means benefiting from a pedagogical expertise and a team 100% dedicated to your learning. All the teachers of the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe are native French speakers and have a degree in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE). They benefit from continuous training provided by recognized actors in the field of FLE didactics (authors, teacher-researchers) guaranteeing a permanent evolution of their classroom practices. The pedagogical and administrative team that accompanies them on a daily basis ensures that the Alliance Française learning label is respected.

  • The Alliance Française label, active learning

Teaching under the Alliance Française label implies a pedagogical approach based on the active participation of the learner. Every effort is made to encourage speaking, self-confidence and the acquisition of language skills:

  1. The teacher-mediator puts oral expression at the heart of the classroom: he/she guides learners in carrying out tasks or activities by proposing situations of interaction between learners, by helping them to identify effective learning strategies, by stimulating their curiosity to learn, and finally by encouraging them through a benevolent and facilitating posture.
  2. The tools and resources made available to learners are an integral part of this action-based pedagogy: the learning manuals have been carefully selected to give priority to class projects and to learners’ participation; the course platform, built on the model of social networks, offers a multitude of interaction channels and digital resources that complement the classroom;
  3. The classrooms, all equipped with the latest materials, offer a modern technological environment that favours activities based on oral comprehension and interaction; the configuration of the classrooms is flexible in order to favour the movement of learners and the organisation of small groups.


  • The Alliance Française label, the guarantee of a rich and diverse cultural environment

Its status as a non-profit association and its specialisation in the French language enable it to invest continuously in innovative teaching methods and new technologies for interactive and practical language learning. This is how the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe has built its action and its reputation on the quality of its French language teaching, in a multicultural environment favouring exchange, respect and conviviality to build a plural and diversified world. The Alliance Française Brussels-Europe is a place of encounters, exchanges and learning. It also offers cultural outings with commentary in French to enrich the learning of the language, exchanges around French-speaking events, an exhibition space and access to Culturethèque, the digital media library. All of this encourages active learning and the discovery of the French-speaking world by combining the useful with the pleasant!

The Alliance Française label certifies that the learners who join the school have access to recognised, quality learning, which is continuous due to the presence of numerous Alliances Françaises throughout the world and is based on modern and active learning. It also allows for language learning to take place in a rich cultural environment, a vector of exchange.

Questions about the Alliance Française label? About our pedagogical expertise? Please contact us!