Our pedagogy

Start my French course at the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe

Present since 1945, the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe is part of a worldwide network of Alliances Françaises that promotes French-speaking cultures!

Our pedagogy

Learning French with us in Brussels means benefiting from the internationally recognized Alliance Française label, which is part of an international network, guaranteeing you a quality learning experience, focused on oral expression.

Numerous digital resources are made available to students so that they can go even further in their learning, in complete freedom, by practicing as much as they want outside the classroom. Online exercises, newspapers, books, etc. are accessible at any time on their smartphone and will reinforce their learning experience, as well as complement the French courses given at the Alliance Française or in online classes.

Our French courses

The Alliance Française Brussels-Europe offers a wide range of courses that can be adapted to you, your availability and your objectives thanks to different course programs:

  • Group courses (intensive or ZEN rhythm / morning, noon or evening / general French or specialized French)
  • Customized or individual courses to help you reach your personal objectives (preparation for a recruitment interview, for an exam, etc.)
  • Self-training with personalized coaching

Your teacher

All the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe teachers are native French speakers with a diploma in teaching French to foreigners. They benefit from continuous training in order to provide excellent courses through a state-of-the-art pedagogy. Our pedagogical team, which is entirely dedicated to them, ensures the respect of the Alliance Française label of learning.

CEFR levels

The Alliance Française international network allows you to continue your learning all over the world. To help you see the progress you made, the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe organizes its courses around 6 levels: A1 – A2 – B1- B2 – C1 and C2.

These internationally recognized levels correspond to those defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). They allow you to evaluate your level of mastery of a foreign language for different skills: listening, reading, speaking/interacting, and writing.


Elementary user: level A1 (= discovery level) and level A2 (= survival level)

At the end of level A2, you will be able to communicate in a simple way and ask questions. You will also be able to write simple texts such as a letter or answer an email.

See the full educational programms:

Independent user: level B1 (= threshold level) and level B2 (= advanced level)

By the end of level B2, you will be able to understand news broadcasts, lectures, speeches and express yourself spontaneously.

Experienced user: level C1 (= autonomous level) and level C2 (= mastery level)

At the end of level C1, you will be able to express yourself spontaneously and fluently and understand long speeches without difficulty.

The C2 level is close to the native French speaker.

Description of my class

Alliance Française Brussels-Europe offers multimodal learning: the flexibility to learn French online at home, face-to-face or bimodally according to your needs and availability.

100% face-to-face

How does a face-to-face French course work? 

All your sessions take place at the Alliance Française, in the heart of Brussels. You will find all your course documents, complementary activities, assignments and discussion forums on the Apolearn pedagogical e-learning platform.

What are the advantages of presential courses? 

You benefit from modern facilities and a team to support you in your learning. It is the guarantee of a complete immersion in a French-speaking environment, allowing you to concentrate on practicing the language and meeting native French speakers.

Online courses

How does an online course work? 

All your sessions take place remotely, on Zoom. You will find all your course documents, complementary activities, assignments and discussion forums on the Apolearn e-learning platform.

What are the advantages of online courses?

No matter where you are, you can take your course and benefit from the many modalities offered by distance learning tools. You are at the center of an interactive learning method that integrates the flexibility of distance learning.

Bimodal learning

How does a bimodal course work?

The two modalities are combined: part of the students is in person at the Alliance Française and the other part of the group is at home, on Zoom. Everything is done to encourage interaction between students, thanks to high-tech tools and customized pedagogy.

What are the advantages of the bimodal pedagogy?

Bimodal learning makes it possible to combine flexibility, interactivity and innovative learning. You decide how you want to do it: for example, you can take a face-to-face course on Tuesday and an online course on Thursday, depending on your personal needs. Let’s say you go on vacation: you still can switch to online! Your course is guaranteed for the entire session!



My educational resources

When you sign up for a group French course, you can take advantage of numerous resources to train or complete your learning.

The course manual

It follows you throughout your learning process. The course manual is available for sale from our partner Filigranes. Benefit from a discount by presenting your registration proof from the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe.

  • From A1 (beginner) to B2 (advanced): l’Atelier – Editions Didier FLE.
  • At C1 level (higher): Edito C1 – Editions Didier FLE.

Included with your registration: the workbook of your course units is available on your Apolearn e-learning platform.

Take control of your learning with digital activity books

In addition to your textbook, you will find more than 30 digital modules in your course platform: varied, interactive and self-correcting activities based on authentic and current documents to enable you to progress at your own pace.

Apolearn: your e-learning platform

  • Access all your course’s content

On the same virtual space, find your course documents, digital activities through yout manual and your homework and to work independently.

  • Stay connected!

Apolearn is an e-learning platform, which is like a social network that allows you to stay in touch with your classmates and your teacher, but also with all students and the Alliance Française team. You are informed every day of news and new events.

  • New

Whether you’re on vacation or on the subway, access your course and digital activities directly from your smartphone with the Apolearn app.