La Fabrique, the new space entirely dedicated to students will open its doors on 2 May

After a prolonged closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the former resources centre (CDR) of the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe has been refurbished to make way for … la Fabrique!

La Fabrique is the result of a desire shared by all: the desire to gather, to meet and to exchange. La Fabrique is a space entirely dedicated to students, teachers and members of the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe. It is a space for relaxation and learning, and a place to host events.

After several months of work, the Fabrique will open its doors on Tuesday 2 May at 10am!

What can you find at the Fabrique?

  • Work spaces;
  • a relaxation area to take a break;
  • French-language resources that can be consulted on site;
  • a HD smart-touch screen to watch films;
  • a coffee machine;
  • practical information on Brussels;
  • WIFI access.

Espace détente la Fabrique

Relaxation area










Evènements exclusifs à la Fabrique

Exclusive events










Espaces de travail à la Fabrique

Work spaces

Who can access the Fabrique?

La Fabrique is open and accessible to students and teachers of the Alliance Française Brussels-Europe as well as to its members. For the moment, la Fabrique is not accessible to outsiders.

In case of specific needs, the space must be reserved in advance (on request).

La Fabrique is under video surveillance for the safety of people and property.

What are the opening hours?

La Fabrique is open from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 9pm and on Friday from 10am to 3pm, except in the case of announced and communicated closures.

Do you have a question? Want to talk?

We invite you to write to the following email address: