Hors saison

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Immerse yourself on a captivating cinematic journey with the film lineup from Cineart! Dive into the curated programming we have selected and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the big screen!


La vie de ma mère 

On screen from March 3rd


Synopsis : 

Pierre, a 33 year old man and a successful florist, finds his life turned upside down when his temperamental and excessive mother, Judith, arrives in his life after two years without seeing each other. All Pierre can think about is getting on with his life, but nothing goes according to plan. Their reunion, as unexpected as it is explosive, will change Pierre and Judith forever.



On screen from March 27

Hors saison

Synopsis : 

Mathieu lives in Paris. He’s a well-known actor in his early fifties. Alice, just over 40, is a piano teacher living in a small seaside town in western France. They fell in love fifteen years ago. Then they separated. Since then, time has passed, each has gone his own way and the wounds have gradually healed. When Mathieu comes to dilute his melancholy in the hot tubs of a spa, he meets Alice again by chance.


Pas de vagues 

On screen from April 4

Pas de vague

Synopsis :

A young teacher is accused of harassment by one of his students. The event takes on huge proportions and turns the school upside down.


Maria Montessori

On screen from April 17

Synopsis : 

In 1900, Lili d’Alengy, a famous Parisian courtesan, has a shameful secret – her daughter Tina, born with a handicap. Unwilling to care for a child who threatens her career, she decides to leave Paris for Rome. There, she meets Maria Montessori, a medical doctor who is developing a revolutionary learning method for children then known as “deficient”. But Maria was also hiding a secret: a child born out of wedlock. Together, the two women will help each other win their place in this man’s world and make history.


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