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From 19 February 2024 to 29 March 2024


Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe (Avenue des arts 46)

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The Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe is starting cultural workshops, led by its teachers and open to French language students of all level.

This workshops are free and available for all French learners at A2 level!



In February : 


Monday February 19

Comic strips and murals

5.00pm - 6:30pm

Walk through Brussels' most iconic streets to discover the emblematic art of the comic strip, particularly present in Belgium and scattered throughout Brussels.


Thursday, February 22 and 29

Theater readings and improvisations

5pm - 6pm

Switch between a dramatic approach, during which students work on body and voice, and create a space to interact with other actors, and worshops of improvisational theater.


Monday February 26th

Badass exhibition

5pm - 6pm

Discover our exhibition on comic book heroines, Badass, which depicts female characters who break free from the stereotypes around which women have long been constructed in the literary world.


In March :


Monday, March 4, 11 and 18 

Le Paris de la Belle-Epoque

17h - 18h

Let's tell the story of Belle Epoque Paris, based on the comic strip "Pablo" by Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie. During these three workshops, we will discuss how the myth of Paris as the "City of Light" emerged, based on this comic strip that tells the story of Pablo Picasso's artistic beginnings in Montmartre.


Thursday, March 7, 14, 21 and 28

Theater readings and improvisations

17h - 18h

Switch between improvisational theater, based on a location, a character type, a situation and/or lines around which students take over the space and improvise a scene, and workshops in dramatic approach.


Monday, March 25

Magritte and BD

17h - 18h 

Magritte highlights, with humor and poetry, our difficulty in making the reality of the world coincide with our mental images, and develops a pictorial alphabet using recurring motifs: the apple, the bird, the man in the bowler hat... His images combine two possible levels of reading, the visible and the invisible.


To participate to our cultural worshops, the registration is mandatory.

To register, please send en email to :

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