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From 30 May 2024 to 27 September 2024

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Discover art in all its forms with our new project at La Fabrique: ‘MOVEMENT!  

Act 1, in May: ‘La scène: Breaking and the Olympic Games’.  

Act 2, in June: ‘The exhibition’ (open to the public from 14 June to 27 September).  


‘Breaking and the Olympic Games’ will mark the start of the “Mouvement” project on 30 and 31 May at the Fabrique. To honour  the inclusion of breaking as a discipline in the Paris 2024 Olympics, we're looking at breaking as an urban art form.   

Two breaking competitions will be held under the conditions of an Olympic final and semi-final.  


Find out more about two of our guest breakdancers:  

Lilou, a choreographer and dancer from Lyon, has a very impressive CV. To cite a few examples : his work with the dance company Pockemon Crew, his collaboration with the Chemical Brothers, and his appearance alongside Madonna at the opening of the Superbowl. As a multiple world champion, he's a big deal! In between projects, he'll be stopping off with us at the Fabrique, where he'll be launching the Cube, dedicated to the performing arts!  


MadMax, the Belgian arthlete has been pursuing her passion for breaking since the age of 14. In 2021, she became world runner-up in the Red Bull BC One, which until then had been the only global competition in this field. And that's just the beginning... this year, she will be part of the Belgian team at the Olympic Games. And the b-girl will be doing us the honour of warming up in the Cube at La Fabrique before she heads off to Paris!  


Arthletes Rateb and Tiro will also be on hand, along with DJ Zulu Wail and MC Rocking Smurb.  


Breaking, a style of acrobatic dance that emerged on the streets of the Bronx in the 70s, leaves room for improvisation. Breaking is part of a subculture known as hip-hop. Along with Mcing, Djing and writing or graffiti, breaking is one of the four pillars of hip-hop.  

With this in mind, street artists will be working on the walls of the Fabrique to complement the performances in act 1, before opening the ‘MOUVEMENT’ exhibition (act 2 of the project) on Thursday 13 June! We'll be welcoming the 3 Belgian artists Iota, Roubens and IOxOI.  


Find out more about the street artists:   

Roubens is a Belgian street artist from the Propaganza collective. He invites us to immerse ourselves in his work of abstract waves and fumaroles, sometimes transforming into plants, sometimes into rocks, sliced into architectural shapes. His study of gradations of colour and form leads to work that is both dynamic and soothing.   


Born in Brussels in 1991, Iota has been interested in all forms of artistic expression from an early age. From 2013, she focused her research on mural painting, and spends her free time looking for places to practice on these new media. The substance of her current work lies in exploring the human as an individual. She invites us to explore our emotions through the subconscious, as if we were diving into one of her dreams.  


David Jeuniaux, aka IOxOI, is a Belgian artist based in Brussels. His work, which is part of the optical and kinetic art movements, explores the links between science and art. Thanks to his pictorial technique, he bypasses colour theories to question our perception of reality.  


Admission is on registration (you must receive confirmation from AFBE for Act 1, as capacity is limited). 

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