Best Belgian expressions to know

10 Belgian expressions to know 


Belgian people have their own way to speak and maybe you have already noticed it ! We have made a small selection of the best belgian expressions !

You may have already heard « tu n’as toutes les frites dans le même cornet ». Or you are eating and someone asked you : « tu sais me passer l’sel ? »

Do not panic ! I’m sure you didn’t skip your french lessons at the Alliance Française .


do you speak belgian ?

Here are some relevant typical belgian expressions :

– « Aujourd’hui c’est horrible comment il drache ». Wow what’s going on ? In case you didnt figure out, it’s raining cats and dogs ! Take note of that one cause you will hear it often enough.

-You are leaving your friends, instead of saying « à bientôt » or « à plus », someone says « A tantôt » ! Well, no worries, you’re telling the same thing.

– « Bientôt je déménage dans mon kot », so no link with a great american loft or nice home by the sea. « Mon kot » is a shared flat or student room.

-Tonight, big party, we don’t meet up just for one drink. If anyone ask you to “affoner” with your beer or any drinks thats means “shot it”.

-”On se dit quoi”…So this expression can be anywhere in daily or professionnal conversation. You are speaking and your partner concluded by “on se dit quoi”. Here the idea is “stay tuned”.

-When there is no diet, we love to eat “des crasses”, les crasses can be sweety, salty or high in fat.

-”Range ton brol !”, “c’est quoi tout ce brol ?”, « brol » means « bazzar » so please be tidy if you don’t want to hear that !

-One of the well-known belgium word : the “GSM”. We are talking about smartphone. The classic one “donne-moi ton numéro de GSM et je te sonne”, traduction “give me your phone number and I will call you”.

-If you have administrative papers to do, you may have to go to “maison communale” and not to the “mairie”

-Finally, we conclude by the most classical belgium expression. Maybe you already noticed that people use “know” and “can” without distinction. Tomorrrow if a friend call you to say “I can’t come to your place” no need to give him/her the shortest way or the transport schedules.


difference between "can" and "know"

Now, its up to you to use them or not !

And you have real example of what “francophonie” is. A range of countries which have french as languague but each one have with his own characteristics.

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