General sales conditions

Article 1 |

Acceptance of these general conditions These general sales conditions govern all of the relationship between the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe and its clients/students with respect to enrolments, except in the case of express, written derogation. By placing an order and/or enrolling, the client and/or the student accepts these general conditions. These conditions shall apply exclusively from the enrolment of the client and/or the student. 

Article 2 | Age limits 

 The student must be 18 years old minimum to be enrolled for training with the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe. Exceptionally, a student of 13 years old may be enrolled for the suitable training, provided that a parent or guardian signs an official waiver and that both expressly and irrevocably undertake to accept these general conditions. 

Article 3 | Enrolment conditions and formalities 

 All enrolments are personal and non-transferable. 

By validating his/her enrolment, the client confirms his/her irrevocable undertaking to follow, or to have a student follow, the training, subject to the right of cancellation or deferral set out in Article 5. 

For standard lessons, the possession of the learning materials is essential. 

Article 4 | Refusal of enrolment

 The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe reserves the right to refuse enrolment on a training course, as well as any renewal, particularly in the case of inappropriate behaviour by the student in compliance with the “internal rules guidelines”. 

Article 5 | Right to withdraw – Deferral of an enrolment and reimbursement 

 Any withdrawal from enrolment for a training course that has been validly carried out, will lead to the refund of training fees within thirty working days of receipt of the properly formulated request, however this is subject to the deduction of an amount of 50 (fifty) EUR for administrative costs. Furthermore, the client and/or the student have the right to defer the training for which they are validly enrolled or to have the fees for this refunded within 6 months commencing with the date of request for deferral. The deferral is a deferral of the session in accordance with the timetable established by the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe. 

 The deferral or refund of training is authorised subject to, and on penalty of nullity, the request for deferral or refund being either (i) sent in writing to the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe at using the form specially provided for this purpose, within 14 days of the date of its receipt or of receipt of the purchase confirmation email sent by the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe. The Alliance française de Bruxelles Europe will refund to the client, within a short time, the amounts already paid, in proportion to the lessons already provided by the teacher after deduction of a sum of 50 (fifty) EUR for administrative costs.  

Article 6 | Pricing and methods of payment 

 Training costs are subject to pricing set out in all of the communications media of the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe (website, brochures, online purchasing platform, etc.). The amounts indicated are all-inclusive but do not include the cost of learning materials. Our services are VAT exempt under Article 44§2.4° of the VAT Code. Thus, our company number is : 0408 099 685. 

The total amount due for training (namely training costs and costs of learning materials) must be paid before the start of training. Bank transfer fees are at the client’s expense. 
All transactions made on the Ingenico payment platform with credit and debit cards are charged at the time of purchase.

All credit and debit card transactions are charged at the time of purchase. The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe reserves the right to refuse access to any person not have fulfilled all of the enrolment formalities set out in Article 3 above. 

Article 7 | Renewal of enrolment 

 Any renewal of enrolment will only be valid if all of the requirements set out in Article 3 above are fulfilled before the start of training. 

Article 8 | Payment delays 

 Any amount unpaid on the due date for any given training will be increased, commencing with the month following the start of the training, by a one-off amount of 80 (eighty) EUR per month, up to a limit of two times the total amount of the initial enrolment. 

Article 9 | Cancellation of training by the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe 

 The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe reserves the right to cancel a training course, even if this has been subject to enrolments, if it believes that the training has an insufficient number of learners or cannot take place in optimum conditions of safety, comfort, management and/or learning, and in the event of force majeure or exceptional circumstances. In the event that a training course is cancelled, each client/student who is validly enrolled will be personally advised by email and the possibility of requesting his/her enrolment on a later training course will be offered, as far as the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe is able to do so, or to be refunded his/her enrolment for the training. 

 The client/student must advise of his/her decision to take part in a later training course or to be refunded within 6 months of receipt of the email informing him/her of the cancellation of training. Beyond this time all training costs shall be the definitive property of the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe. 

 In the event that a training course has to be cancelled by the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe once it has started, part way through the session and the client or student opts for the cancellation of his/her enrolment, this cancellation will only be effective for the future and the refund of enrolment fees and training costs will be on a prorated basis applied to lessons which have not been provided – whether or not the student has attended lessons that have been given. 

Article 10 | Issue of certificates 

 The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe issues, on the client’s and/or student’s request, a certificate or enrolment and/or attendance. The certificate of enrolment is only issued once the total payment of the enrolments fees and training costs has been made. 

 A certificate of attendance can only be provided if the student concerned has been present for at least 70% of lessons for the session in question. 

 Enrolment and/or attendance certificates will no longer be issued after a period of 6 months has elapsed after the end of the training in question. 

Article 11 | Assessment of training – Transition to a higher level 

 Transition to a higher level is conditional on a continuous assessment or on the student passing a mandatory end of level assessment, administered at the end of the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe levels. The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe continuous assessment or end of level assessment result is valid for six months from the date of presentation of this test. Beyond this time, a new placement test will be required in order to assess the student’s level. 

Article 12 | Identification of teachers and premises 

 The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe will have sole discretion to designate the teacher who will provide lessons and to nominate the premises in which lessons will take place. There is no right to teaching from a specific teacher, nor right to benefit from a specific premises. The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe cannot guarantee the same teacher for the whole of a training course or session. 

 As far as possible, in the event of the absence of a teacher, the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe undertakes to guarantee continuity of service. If circumstances do not allow the replacement of the absent teacher, the lessons will be postponed to a later date. 

 The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe cannot accept any responsibility in the event of cancellation or time changes for lessons resulting from the behaviour of a student or any third party. 

Article 13 | National holidays 

The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe is closed during national legal holidays in Belgium. Accordingly, lessons due to take place on these days are automatically cancelled without the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe owing any compensation whatsoever or being obliged to alter the date of any lesson(s). 

Article 14 | No liability for Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe in the event of failure

 The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe cannot accept any responsibility in the event that the student’s learning goals or the candidate’s certification goals are not achieved. The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe is only bound by any obligation of means in this respect. The student undertakes to follow training assiduously and with application. 

Article 15 | Interpretation in conformity with the French version of these general conditions 

 If an ambiguity or contradiction should arise between the various translations of these general conditions, the terminology used in the French version shall take precedence. 

Article 16 |

Applicable law, competent jurisdictions and language of proceedings in the event of dispute These general conditions are subject to Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, only jurisdictions sitting in the French language of the judicial district of Brussels will be competent. 

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