Nicolas’ column

Every month, our media librarian Nicolas shares his favourite thing to be found at the Alliance française Resource Centre!

Kiss & Brol by Catherine Minala

“At the Resource Centre, you can find Catherine Minala’s book and relive her superb black and white series about Brussels, put into words by her companion, the writer and poet André Perchet!

I first discovered her work at her previous exhibition at Home Frit’Home, the “Micro-museum of the Chip”, a nice, quirky place that celebrates the golden potato stick and Belgian-ness itself. One of my favourites is “Bruxelles, le trou de l’Europe” (“Brussels, the hole of Europe”), an aestheticised and fantastical vision of the construction work chaos in the European quarter…

I also really liked Vincent Peal’s photography project, “Bruxelles, ville ouverte” (“Brussels, open city”), which takes a different and maybe “trashier” look at the Belgian capital: portraits of marginal and unusual people taken in the streets of Brussels and Marolles.”

Catherine Minala is a photographer but also a teacher at the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe. Her work is on display in the gallery of the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe from 17 December 2015 to 26 February 2016, under the title “Kiss & Brol”.

Her photography project “Brussel My Belle” led to the publication of the Kiss & Brol book and three posters of three photos from the exhibition. For sale on Catherine Minala’s website and at Belgikïe, Cook and Book, Home Frit’Home, Hors Format, Filigranes, Livresse, Passa Porta and Tropismes.
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