Everyone to the shelters! Prepare for everything, especially the worst.
Reassure yourself even if everything is fine. Make plans, lists, because anything can happen, at any time. Something just has to happen for the adventure to begin! Abri ou les casaniers de l'apocalypse is a creation for six actors.
Together, they will do (almost) everything to sublimate their to sublimate their daily lives and build an interior in their own image.

With this new creation, Silvio Palomo encloses his characters in a closed space and uses the end of the world as a pretext to question a small tribe forced to live together in a closed space. tribe forced to live together in a confined space. What remains of their habits, their quirks and their preoccupations? How can they reinvent a sensitive reading of their daily lives and of this territory, where time seems to be suspended?

From Wednesday 20 to Friday 29 April at 8.30 pm  

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