How To Enrol?

You are interested in enrolling in a group class or a workshop? First enrolment with our Alliance française? Find out about all you need to know here!

Enrolling at the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe for the first time? Unless you have no knowledge of the French language (which means you are at breakthrough level A1), you must take our language proficiency test before you enrol. Find out more about levels of proficiency in French.

You can then complete the registration process:

  • online,
  • at the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe reception
  • or by email.

More information here.

You maybe think that private tuition would be the best option for you ? Find out more about it here or do not hesitate to contact Kim Vo-Thi by phone (02 788 21 50) or by email (cp(at)