Delf Junior

Le DELF Junior assesses the four following skills:
verbal expression, written expression, verbal comprehension and written comprehension

Themes & media involve points of interest to young people.

Four diplomas are offered to children and adolescents: DELF Junior A1, DELF Junior A2, DELF Junior B1 and DELF Junior B2.

Who is it for?

For children and adolescents in secondary education.



Collective examinations: 1 hour 20 minutes
Oral production: 5 to 7 minutes
(preparation: 10 mins.)


Collective examinations: 1 hour 45 minutes
Oral production: 15 mins.
(preparation : 10 mins.)

Get to know more on DELF Junior Get to know more on DELF Junior


Collective examinations: 1 hour 40 minutes
Oral production: 6 to 8 minutes
(preparation: 10 mins.)


Collective examinations: 2 hours 30 minutes
Oral production: 20 mins.
(preparation: 30 mins.)

Calendar of sessions 2021

Target level
Date of collective exams
Session 1 A1 22nd April 2021 from 10th February 2021 to 10th March 2021
A2 22nd April 2021
B1 23rd April 2021
B2 27th April 2021
Session 2 A1 15th November 2021 from 15th September 2021  to 15th October 2021
A2 15th November 2021
B1 17th November 2021
B2 18th November 2021

The individual oral examination will take place the same week as the collective examination.
You will receive a notification two weeks before the dates of the collective examinations, at the latest.
You can sit several diplomas in the same session.

When will my child receive his/her diploma?
A certificate of success will be sent to you 2 to 3 months after the examinations, at the latest. Then, the diploma will be available at the reception desk of the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe, or will be sent on demand.

More information on the DELF Junior

Prepare your child for DELF Junior!

Improve the chances of success and allow your child to be ready on the day of the examination:

  • Methodology: discover the examination format and learn various strategies to help you succeed in your examination.
  • Oral production: sit the oral examination with an examiner authorised by the CIEP, in the same conditions as the official exam, and receive personalised correction.
  • Written production: get to practice on official examination question Receive a personalised correction based on the official exam criterias.
  • Oral comprehension: train with a teacher and discover tips on how to pass the oral comprehension.
  • Written comprehension: learn how to read a text efficiently and improve your score at the written comprehension test.
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The certifications manager will notify you when your diploma is available. Then, it will be available at the Alliance française's reception-desk. It can be sent on demand. 

Tariffs 99 € 104 € 124 € 140 €

REgister your child now

Do not delay, places for each session are limited!
Two options to register:

- online, enrol through our online enrolment platform as soon as the enrolment period starts.
- at our reception, enrol directly at the reception of the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe. Remember to bring an identity document (identity card or passport).

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General Sales Conditions for the DELF-DALF

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