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A mix of melodic rap, melancholic electro, and French song irrigated with rhythms from elsewhere.

Offbeat with a romantic streak, this could well describe Mr Giscard. A musical program made of melodic rap,  melancholic electro, and French song irrigated with rhythms from elsewhere, from Africa or South America, or classical music. With Mr. Giscard, Chopin and Club Cheval eat at the same table, Daft Punk and Pauline Croze have conversations. He is therefore a great peacemaker, an idealist, a stranger in his own home, a spontaneous musician, a self-aware sociologist. Something of the secret Baudelaire, who wrote in his diary a series of feelings: "the charming airs which make the beauty are: the blasé air, the bored air, the evaporated air, the impudent air, the air of looking inside, the air of domination, the air of will, the sick air, the cat air, childishness, nonchalance and malice mixed ...".

Mr Giscard respires the contemporary Flowers of Evil and, by doing so, offers us very beautiful illuminations.

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