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Our virtual classes advantages

To provide you the best learning conditions, we offer you:

  • A safe learning, from home
  • Virtual classes for all, no matter your level or your availabilities.
  • Dynamic and interactive course sessions.
  • Experienced teachers trained to a modern teaching and used to teach online.
  • We are always here to help, thanks to our hotline.
  • Smaller groups: 10 participants maximum.
  • A free trial: All new learners can try for free (one course between the two first classes). Want to try ? Contact us!

SessionS scheduled Online

  • DECEMBER 2020 | 30th November to 18th December 2020*
  • JANUARY 2021 | 11th January to 5th February 2021
  • FEBRUARY 2021 | 8th February to 5th March 2021
  • MARCH 2021 | 8th March to 2nd April 2021
  • APRIL 2021 | 12th to 30th April 2021*
  • MAY 2021 | 10th May to 4th June 2021
  • JUNE 2021 | 7th to 25th June 2021*

*December 2020,  April & June 2021 sessions will last 3 weeks, courses will be adapted.

what's your level of proficiency in french?

The language proficiency levels we use follow the recommendations of the CEFR developed by the Council of Europe .
CEFR is a common basis for all our courses, tests and certifications.

To complete a level, the number of hours vary.

For instance, depending on the formula you choose:
A1 requires 60-64h and B2 requires 180-192h.

More information on levels, here.

The language proficiency levels we use are recognised internationally and all covered by our course offering:


You discover a new language, its familiar words and daily life expressions.


You can manage to speak in French in your daily routine.


You manage to get into a conversation without preparation, to formulate ideas, to express emotions, in writing as in speaking.


You have reached such a degree of spontaneity and ease that you have no difficulty in actively participating in French.


You speak French in an even more complex and spontaneous way on various subjects.
You know how to structure your subject, you have your own style.


You can use the language with ease arguing about complex subjects. You no longer feel like you're making an effort in writing as in speaking.

Enrolling at the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe for the first time? Unless you have no knowledge of the French language (which means you are at breakthrough level A1), you must take our language proficiency test before you enrol.

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Your Special advantages as a student

As a student at the Alliance française Bruxelles-Europe, you can access way more than just a French course. All the advantages are available for free! You just need to register.

A book-club,
to discuss litterature with our librarian!

to read, listen, watch and learn in French! 

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More information

Looking for more info on the learning environment and all the bonuses included at the Alliance Française? Click here!

Conditions for enrolment

You must be aged 18 or over to enrol for our standard courses. However, teenagers aged 16 or over on the start date of the course can be enrolled by a parent or legal guardian, who will be required to co-sign a consent form with the student.

Download the consent form here.

Have a question?

We are pleased to help you by email at info(at) or by phone at this number: +32 (0)2 788 21 60

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Please refer to our
FAQs for further information.

General conditions of sale & internal rules

By enrolling, you indicate your acceptance of our general conditions of sale.  You also accept our internal rules. Please read them carefully. They include our cancellation and refund policy and enrolment conditions.

Please note: the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient student numbers.