Modern, oral-based teaching

Oral-based classes

Our classes, which are all conducted in French, are dynamic and interactive and encourage oral participation. We give you all the tools and practice you need, so you’ll very quickly be able to communicate in French in everyday situations and in the workplace.

Digital tools for effective learning

Digital technology is an integral part of our teaching approach: interactive whiteboards, a digital handbook in each classroom, virtual classes and course contents on iPads.

You will have access to online self-study exercises designed specifically for your level and your rate of progression. By consolidating your knowledge like this, remotely and at your own pace, you will make swifter and more effective progress.

“I have had a great time with Alliance Française. Their teaching method is fantastic, conducted entirely in French, really fun and interactive. You never get bored in lessons because they are so varied. I never thought I’d enjoy language learning so much!”

Sadie, student at the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe in 2017