Results "Objectif Sport !"

The results of the photo contest initiated by Fondation Alliance française

Within the scope of 2016’s international sporting events, the Fondation Alliance Française organized from March to May a photo contest, “Objectif Sport !”.

After the successful 2015 edition “Climat, état d’urgence”, the new contest aimed to illustrate the theme of sport. The participants were asked to put in image what, according to us, depicts the best sporting activities in their countries.

103 Alliances françaises, based in 50 different countries, participated to this edition.

Specific rules and customs, which are framing sport, are an integral part of countries’ culture. Also, sport plays a strong social part in modern as much as traditional society. The jury took place on May 25th to select the best pictures. Its members awarded the contestants who, thanks to photography, transmit best the main values of sport: tolerance, open-mindedness, social inclusion and team cohesion.

The first prize was awarded to Ms. Dar’ya SHARA (Alliance Française Buenos Aires – Argentina). The group exhibition “Objectif Sport !” will be presented at the gallery of the Fondation Alliance française from July 5th to August 18th 2016.

The photos of Marta López Fauqued, contestant representing the Alliance française Bruxelles-Europe, did not go through unfortunately. Thanks to all the contestants for participating!

© Dar'ya Shara

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