Preparation for the DAEFLE (Diploma of Aptitude in Teaching French as a Foreign Language) is a distance-learning diploma course aimed at any person wishing to teach French as a Foreign Language. The content of the course is aimed at class practical sessions, documents and application exercises.

The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe is an examination centre:

  • for the test for entrance course and
  • for the final examination (leading to the award of the DAEFLE, if successful).

This course is the result of a partnership between the Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France and the CNED (National Centre for Distance Learning).

Who is it for?

For any person preparing to teach, or already teaching French to non-French students in France or abroad. The course can be taken wherever you are in the world.


  • For the test for entrance course: to hold a French BAC or a Belgian CESS. Please contact the DAEFLE department at the Alliance française of Paris Ile-de-France for any request for an exemption.
  • For the final examination: declaration of having followed the 6 training modules.

Calendar of sessions

Course entrance test:  

Session Enrolment Test Results Start of classes with CNED
1 before 4 April 2019 21 > 31 May 2019 11 June July 2019
2 before 10 October 2019 8 November > 6 December 2019 17 December January 2020

Final examination:

Session Enrolment Examination Results
1 before 2 May 2019 Wednesday 12 June 2019 (9am > 5pm) 13 September 2019
2 21 October > 4 November 2019 Wednesday 11 December 2019 (9am > 5pm) 2 March 2020


Entrance test: €82

Final examination: €364



Option 1 | Enrol online

You can enrol through our online enrolment platform as soon as the enrolment period starts.


Option 2 | Enrol by email

Please contact us by email at the address: examens(at)alliancefr.be and send us the completed enrolment form:

General sales conditions for the DAEFLE

Your enrolment is deemed to be your acceptance of our general sales conditions which we invite you to consult: