Nicolas' Column

Every month, our media librarian Nicolas shares his favourite thing to be found at the Alliance française Resource Centre!

Le soir

“My personal choice this month is not a book, but a daily newspaper, the French-language Belgian paper, Le Soir.

At the Resource Centre, we receive Le Soir and Le Monde, the French daily newspaper, every day, but I always read Le Soir first. I am an avid reader of the press, and like to keep up to date about current events, whether local, national or international, and about social issues. So I enjoy reading the point of view in the "tribune" pages of the newspapers, because they play a role in democratic debate.

In Le Soir, subjects relating to the European Union and the issues around Belgium and Brussels are always dealt with from a relevant angle. What is more, the layout is pleasant, uncluttered and highly visual, while the tone of the articles has a light touch.

I also read the regular supplement Mon Soir with great interest, where social themes are highlighted. And I devour the front-page editorial by the editor, Béatrice Delvaux.

So, to sum up, read Le Soir every morning! It is available from the lending counter or on the special display stand.”