New for 2017!

Our teaching methodology is evolving to better respond to the needs of our French learners. Regular oral practice, an on-line platform, flexible training at home, in the office or on public transport… All this will be implemented from 2017 to enable you to succeed in French!

The time spent at the Alliance Française is dedicated to oral practice. Thanks to the classroom activities, you will have all the keys and training necessary to quickly be able to communicate in French.

An on-line platform replaces the paper workbook, which you no longer need to buy. The price is included in your course fee. In addition to the exercises selected by your teacher, you have access to hundreds of others and can choose among them according to your needs. Thanks to this platform you get even more practice through distance training, in parallel to your class work.

Assessment is also changing: your progress is no longer only assessed during a final exam but also through regular testing. This continuous assessment favours your progress in French and enables better monitoring by the teacher. Everything is done to facilitate your progress and to help you succeed in French!

What is not changing: the advantages of the Alliance Française

At the Alliance Française, learning French involves discovery and learning about Francophone cultures.

As a student at the Alliance, you also have access to a resource centre that is unique in Brussels and entirely dedicated to the Francophone world: Belgian and international Francophone press, novels, books about Brussels and Belgium, comic books, films, French language methods, vocabulary and grammar books, dictionaries, etc. To consult on site or to borrow! Educational activities are organised at the cdr to give you all the keys to enrich your French learning experience. Find out more

  • A subscription to Culturethèque is included.

Your enrolment with us allows you to benefit from Culturethèque, the on-line media library of France’s international network! 130,000 resources are available to you in just a few clicks! Find out more

  • Activities around cultural events

For over a year now, our courses have included educational activities around the cultural events organised by our Alliance. You can meet and exchange ideas in French with artists as part of your course. The objective: to give you the opportunity to practice your French in context.

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