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Do you want to learn French in a group, converse with new people and enjoy an intercultural experience? 

Then, our group courses are made for you!

In fall, discover our wide offer of French courses and find the solution that suits your needs

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Not convinced yet? Don't worry, we guarantee you're satisfied, or you get your money back! If this solution doesn't suit you,  the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe commits to offer you an alternative solution. You can either try our online classes for free, or ask for a postponement or get your money back without any cancellation fee*. 

While offering you to learn in our premises, we commit to offer you the best teaching conditions, following the sanitary precautions to enable you to learn French safely.  Check out our commitments.

*Our free trial offer: you never attended one of our virtual classes? All new learners can attend one of the two first classes for free, as a trial. If you are registered and our course doesn't suit your needs you can change your mind until the first Friday of class. Then opt, for a postponement or a reimbursement (we'll deduct the courses you already attended) without any cancellation fees. For more information, contact our reception.

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Standard Group Courses


Ready for an intensive pace?

From Monday to Friday
6-10 participants

Duration of the course:


How to complete a level?

One course equals one level.

More information on levels

 A1, A2, B1 et B2 : 512€

C1 & C2 : 573€


Need to match French and work?

Mon. & Wed. or
Tue. & Thu.
6-10 participants
6.30pm-8.30pm or
(Only on Tu & Th)

Duration of the course:
8 weeks

How to complete a level?

4hr-a-week formula requires
2 courses of 8 weeks each,
i.e. 1/2 course followed by 2/2 course

More information on levels
A1, A2, B1, B2: 349€

C1 & C2: 206€
4week-long course


One evening a week, learn French peacefully.

6-10 participants

Duration of the course:
9 weeks

How to complete a level?

Zen formula requires
2 courses of 9 weeks each,
i.e. 1/2 course followed by 2/2 course

More information on levels
All levels: 355€




Speak fluently and precisely in French!

Be active! Practice French in class with the other students through role-play situations, presentations, debates, then go to meet French speakers!

Tuesday & Thursday
6-10 participants

Duration of the course:
4 weeks

All levels: 165€

More information on levels



Do you have difficulties with grammar rules?

Overcome the «tricks» of French learning
and impress other French speaker!

Course content: revision of the main areas of grammar and spelling, particularly rules of agreement, homophones and verb conjugations.

6-10 participants

Duration of the course:
4 weeks

All levels: 124€

More information on levels



Do you find it difficult to make yourself understood in French?

Bring your pronunciation up to scratch and converse fluently with other French speakers.

Course content: introduction to French prosody, rhythm and word stress, and practice in pronouncing the different sounds of the French language.

Monday & Wednesday
6-10 participants

Duration of the course:
4 weeks

All levels: 124€

More information on levels


Our commitments

  • Our on-site classes follow strict social distancing rules.
  • All the necessary disinfectant material is provided.
  • Our signs and rules within the building is clearly displayed.
  • Wearing your own safety mask is mandatory in our premises.


Unless otherwise stated, course fees quoted do not include textbooks. You can, however, purchase them from reception at the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe.

5% discount

when you pay for three 15hr/week formula or for two 4hr/week formula (i.e 16-week course).

The discount is only valid when paying for consecutive sessions. Payment must be made in one single transaction. The 5% discount will be applied to the total fees payable, excluding textbooks. Offers apply to enrolments at reception or by mail only.

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