Why French ?

Successful communication is paramount for the prosperity and development of your company. Mastering French in Brussels and in an international context is an indispensable asset in increasing your chances of success. Do not miss this opportunity!

10 good reasons to learn French:

1. French is the 2nd most-used business language in the European area.

2. It is the 2nd most-taught foreign language in the world, after English and the 5th most widely-spoken language.

3. It is one of the 3 official languages in Belgium.

4. The Francophone area represents 15% of worldwide wealth and 12% of international commerce.

5. Knowledge of French opens the doors of French companies in France, Belgium and all of the francophone countries (Luxemburg, Switzerland, Canada, and the African continent).

6. Negotiating in French with French-speakers provides the tools for success in effective, high-quality negotiations.

7. According to forecasts from the International Organisation of La Francophonie, French-speakers will number 700 million in 2050, three times more than in 2014.

For your employees:

8. It will facilitate their daily life and enable them to expand their social network in Brussels.

9. It will also give them access to the numerous cultural activities on offer in the capital.

10. Giving them French provides them with an additional skill, which stimulates them both professionally and intellectually.