An Ars Musica colloquium

At ARBA-ESA, DAM-Gallery, Rue du Midi 144, 1000 Brussels
On 14 November 2016 from 10am to 6.30pm

© David Hanko - Fuji, Studio Joanie Lemercier

New forms of technology enable an unexpected dynamic between the audio and visual aspects in artistic disciplines, and open up multiple new perspectives. This day is an unique opportunity to share knowledge about the relationship between image and sound created in real time.


First panel: Sound/image in different types of arts activities

Christophe Héral (FR), compositor — Régis Cotentin (FR), visual artist and curator — Eric Vernhes (FR), video maker — Natan Sinigaglia (IT), sound and visual artist — Juliette Bibasse (BE), digital art producer |  Moderator — Philippe Franck (BE), director of Transcultures


Second panel: Sound/light in relation to the body with the instrumentalist

Atau Tanaka (US), professor media computing at Goldsmiths, London University — Georgia Spiropoulos (GR), composer and sound and visual artist — Nicola Sani (IT), sound, video and visual artist — Philippe Spiesser (FR), percussionist GeKiPe (Geste Kinect & Percussion) |  Moderator — Gabriel Soucheyre (FR), artistic director of Videoformes


Third panel: Sound/light in relation to the instrument

Serge de Laubier (FR), composer and director of Puce Muse — Jacques Rémus (FR), composer – Ipotam Mécamusique — Norbert Schnell (DE), researcher and developer at IRCAM |  Moderator — Todor Todoroff (BE), composer and researcher

Free entrance upon registration: culture(at)

Colloquium programme
Editorial written by Jérôme Provençal, journalist-critic 

Coproduction : Alliance Française de Bruxelles- Europe, Académie royale des Beaux-Arts - Ecole supérieure des Arts & Ars Musica

The colloquium « Interaction Sound/image in real time » will be followed by Tokyo Magnetic, Ars Muscia concert at 8pm on 14 November 2016. Find out more