Geografia Sonora by Georgia Spiropoulos

Sound and video installation from 16 November to 9 December 2016
6th floor - Avenue des Arts 46, 1000 Brussels - open from Monday to Friday > 5pm-8pm (free entrance)

Geografia Sonora © Georgia Spiropoulos

Geografia Sonora is a sound and video installation on the theme of the sea; an archipelago of "sound islands", a "chorus" of voices, sound signals, as well as natural and mechanical sounds from countries bordering the Mediterranean. The sea breathes, changes in colour, luminosity and density and becomes a constellation of lights. The video image is the result of a continuous changing of a sparkling sea. The image and the soundscape are generated in real time ad infinitum by computer. A map and a collection of sounds from the Mediterranean Sea.

Opening on 15 November 2016 from 6pm to 8pm
with Georgia Spiropoulos
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