Your Level

The language proficiency levels used at the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe follow the recommendations of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) developed by the Council of Europe. The CEFR provides a common basis for designing curricula and qualifications. It sets out three levels which are recognised internationally: basic user (A1-A2), independent user (B1-B2) and proficient user (C1-C2).

We offer courses at all these levels. Take our online test to determine your level!

Take our online test to determine your level!

Unless you are enrolling on a beginners’ course (breakthrough level A1), you must take our language proficiency test before you enrol with the Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe for the first time.

Our language proficiency level scale

Except for the advanced levels (C1 and C2) and if bank holidays during your session, you must complete 60 hours of tuition (intensive or semi-intensive pace classes) or 64 hours of tuition (gentle pace classes) before you can progress from one level to the next.

If you are at C2 level, you now need a tailor-made French course. We recommend private tuition, as this will be better suited to your needs and will enable you to progress more quickly than you would in a group course. Find out more about our private tuition.

A1 | Breakthrough level

You are getting to know the language, its familiar words and common everyday expressions. You can introduce yourself and introduce other people, answer simple questions (name, home country, address, age, etc.). You can understand signs, write a postcard, order food in a restaurant, etc.

A2 | Waystage level

You can get by in French in your daily life. You can understand individual sentences and frequently used expressions, read and write short texts and hold short conversations with French-speakers. You are able to give simple descriptions of your family and other people, your home life and your job.

B1 | Intermediate level

You can take part in a conversation without preparation, formulate ideas, express emotions, tell a story and cope in a variety of everyday situations, in writing and orally. You can follow a radio or television programme on a familiar topic.

B2 | Vantage level

You have reached such a degree of spontaneity and fluency that you no longer have any difficulty in making an active contribution to lengthy discussions, describing situations with precision, making a phone call, defending your opinions, reading contemporary novels, following films or writing well-argued reports.

C1 | Effective operational proficiency level

You speak French in an even more complex and spontaneous way on a range of subjects. You are able to interpret double and implicit meanings. You almost never have to search for words. You know how to structure your ideas and have your own style. You feel completely secure when using the language.

C2 | Mastery level

You can use the language with ease, producing persuasive arguments on complex issues. You can produce almost error-free written reports. Idiomatic expressions and accents cause you no problems. You now feel that you can write and speak effortlessly.