Les Vases communicants

"Clics et dÉclic" ("When Everything clicks”)

Trialogues on the digital sector

The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe, the cultural departments of the French Embassy in Belgium and IHECS have got together to set up a cycle of meetings entitled “Vases communicants”. The first part of this cooperation, “Clics et déclic”, explores innovation, particularly digital innovation, which is now part of our private and public landscape alike, on a national, European and global level.

At these evenings, which take place at IHECS, the philosopher Pascal Chabot and Jean-Claude Crespy, Director of the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe, welcome leading figures in the field of the digital francophonie, philosophy and contemporary art.

Trialogue: "Being born in the digital era" with Stéphane Vial,

on 27.04.2016 at 7pm
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Trialogue: "What are algorithms dreaming of?" with dominique cardon,

on 30.11.2016 at 7pm
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