Cultural Agenda

From February to December 2017 | French artistic creation in Belgium in the spotlight!

March, April, May 2016 | The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe, the cultural departments of the French Embassy in Belgium and IHECS have got together to set up a cycle of meetings entitled “Vases communicants”.


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2017 | Meet Catherine Cusset - Sweating for Europe - "The Style is the Machine itself!" with François Pachet - "The Gastronomic Meal of the French" by Jean-Robert Pitte - "The Surprises of the Brain" with Pierre MagistrettiThe Night of Ideas - "La réinvention du vers" with Philippe Beck and Jan Baetens

2016 | European Angst - "What are algorithms dreaming of?" with Dominique Cardon - "Between graphic novel and poetry" with Benoit Peeters - Tokyo Magnetic, Ars Musica Concert - Colloquium: Interaction sound/image in real time - Pierre Assouline at Passa Porta - The Women's society by Léonora Miano"Being born in the digital era" with Stéphane Vial - Serie "When everything clicks" Les Vases communicants - La nuit des taupes by Philippe Quesne - Welcome to Caveland by Philippe Quesne - Kazuko Miyamoto by Béatrice Balcou - Potatoes and cie by Agnès Varda - A fresco by Daniel Buren - Label EXTRA

2015 | Mathias Enard at BOZAR - "Où sont les Blanche-Neige d'antan ?" by Christian Chelebourg - Are you series? - "Pascal: mathematics and poetry" by Laurence Plazenet - Nuit Blanche 2015 - Semaine de la Pop philosophie 2015 - Du nombril au cosmos at art & marges - Passer au vert - Louise Chisson and Tamara Atschba at Midis minimes - "Les espaces linguistiques dans la mondialisation" by Michaël Oustinoff - "Le visage obscur de la révolution numérique, enquête sur les internets", debate with Federico Rampini and Frédéric Martel

2014 | La Langue à terre with Jean-Pierre Roy - Wilhem Latchoumia at Espace Senghor -
Bruxelles Babel-le - "Défendre la langue française ? Illustrer le plurilinguisme !" by Bernard Cerquiglini - Semaine de la Pop philosophie 2014 - Transpoésie 2014 - "Les Morts vivants" - "Peut-on parler d'astrophysique grâce à la fiction ?" by Roland Lehoucq - Il était une fois l'art brut... Fictions des origines de l'art at art & marges - Philippe Claudel at BOZAR